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05 November 2007 @ 11:50 am
In Which You Let Me Show You My Pokemans V2.0  
I blasted my way through the Team Galactic base before heading up to Mt.Coronet. God, I hated that journey. It irks me if I don't have immediate access to Pokemon Centers, even though I always carry a fuckton of healing items on me.

So I got to the top of that damned mountain and jumped the two Team Galactic commanders (Female villains? In my pokemon games?) with the help of my rival. I just barely scraped by in that battle, and then the fight with the Galactic Boss was crazy. I destroyed his first two pokemon easily, but then he whipped out that damn Gyarados with earthquake. Most of my team has shitty defense, so he knocked out everything but my Staraptor. This would be a good time to mention that I was a team member short, since I used a level 20 dinosaur thing as an HM slave to get up the mountain. Anyway, I just barely managed to kill the Gyarados and use a max revive on my Alakazam.

At this point things start to get blurry, since I was so annoyed I was about to kill something, I had a horrible migraine that had decided to make it's presence known in the middle of the fight, and my eyes hurt like hell. I can't remember what he used as his last pokemon, but--oh wait, it was a Crobat. Yeah. So I brought out my Alakazam to hit it with some knarly psychic attacks. But somehow I knew it wouldn't be that easy. The damn Crobat knew bite, and critical hit me after I had only managed to get on Psybeam off. I'm saving that Psychic TM, dammit.

So I had to bring out my little dinosaur.

I used a max revive quickly to revive my Alakazam while the dinosaur got mauled, and brought it out when it fainted. This was it. It was down to the wire. The Crobat hit me with another bite, and my Alakazam barely hung on with 6 HP. I hit the fucker with a Psybeam, and killed it. With only my Alakazam left with 6 HP.

Then it was time to face Dialga.

I had planned on saving the Master Ball for something annoying like Cresselia, but at that point there was no way in hell I was going to be able to catch it without using the Master Ball. So I did. I named the Dailga Ticky, won a cool contest with it after I took some aspirin, and called it a night.

And that's the story of how I learned that I need to LEVEL THE HELL UP BEFORE FACING THE BIG BATTLES, JESUS CHRIST.
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